About Me

My name is Alexander, Alex, if you prefer, hardly anybody calls me Alexander. I consider myself an average guy in a fast-paced world.

I had a successful career in the oil business for over 30 years and I ended up overseas for most of it. I followed where the job took me. It was great fun and I would not trade any of it.

I enjoyed traveling, I always did. From a very early age, I wanted to see the world. Initially, I did my traveling through books and I had my adventures within their pages. Once I was able I started traveling with work, and I never looked back.

I ended up in South East Asia, and my last job there lasted almost 19 years. I settled down and became a dad. It was another adventure.

Once the work finished (I trained all of my replacements), I found myself adrift. I was not sure what to do with myself. My work had defined me for so long that without it I was not sure who or what I was.

I turned to books again for a while, but I found I needed more, books were great, but I was not accomplishing anything with just reading. So I started researching.

I researched like all of us do these days, online. I wanted something that would occupy my time and maybe supplement my income. I tried a couple of websites, and some investment advice (let’s not go there), and eventually settled on affiliate marketing.

Now I run a couple of websites full-time, and a few part-time. I do not make millions of dollars, but I do make some money. I enjoy what I do and I hope you will like it as well.

The online world is whatever we want it to be. We can learn things that excite, or intrigue us and we can share our knowledge with anyone who will listen.

Do all of us have something worthwhile to say, probably not, but we can certainly be heard.